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After analyzing all the data, the scientists came to the conclusion that there are certain key factors that predict whether couples “clicked.” Perhaps surprisingly, men and women usually said they clicked when their conversations were mostly about the women.Less shocking, women were more likely to say they connected with men who used appreciative language (“That’s awesome!

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It’s worth looking at the social and personal consequences of meeting people through our screens. When users open Tinder, they are presented with an array of images. People also believe that attractive people are more intelligent, sociable, competent, friendly, and trustworthy.

Even mothers are swayed by looks: A study by developmental psychologist Judith Langlois found that mothers are more affectionate toward attractive babies.

The daters wore audio recorders during their four-minute interviews (so no lewd comments, please! In the end, researchers ended up accumulating transcripts of 1,100 dates.

All daters also filled out surveys about their demographic, personal interests, and dating experience.

This means that when users check their apps after a prolonged period of time, they often discover that they have gained new matches.

This unpredictable quality keeps users curious and hooked.

In one survey, one in five men said they’d experienced love at first sight, while only one in 10 women said the same.

Still, the researchers’ findings aren’t meant to be rules for how to interact on a first date.

Casino slot machines are one example of this effect at work.

Players do not know when, while pulling a lever or pressing a button, they will hit a jackpot.

They play knowing that eventually, but not exactly when, someone who pulls the lever will win.

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