dating in mpls - Sccm 2016 collections not updating

If you have any questions about using Active Directory with SCCM (or about using this script below), just leave a comment! " if ($Collection Type -eq "Computer") if ($Collection Type -eq "User") #Build Collection Name and Description $Collection Name = Read-Host "What is the name of the Application group?In this short post we will see the steps to create SCCM device collection for windows 10 computers.This will save time as you do not have to jump between MMCs as often, and you can easily delegate app management.

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Sccm 2016 collections not updating

Enabling delta discovery for Active Directory groups With both of these settings configured, SCCM will be able to see our Active Directory resources.

The next step is to create a group and a collection.

Copy this group name, as you will be pasting it quite a bit in the upcoming steps.

Head back to the Configuration Manager console and navigate to Assets and Compliance/Device Collections. For standardization, name your new collection the same as your security group. In the screenshot below, my APP_Adobe Flash Player collection is limited to All Desktop and Server Clients: Create Device Collection Wizard On the Membership Rules page, select Add Rule – Query Rule. Because you likely won’t have multiple query rules, you don’t need to get very specific with the name.

This guide covers creating groups and collections and describes a sample deployment.

I also added a Power Shell script that helps create AD group-based SCCM collections.

Joseph Moody is a network admin for a public school system and helps manage 5,500 PCs.

He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management and blogs at Deploy It is a software deploying, application packing, OS installing, and cappuccino making machine (currently in testing, expected in System Center 2015).

Deploying a preexisting application to our AD linked collection The steps above can be quite repetitive if you need to create many AD-based collections. The script below has served our organization well; I hope it helps you.

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