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The following day her sister-in-law rang Sarah asking her if she wanted to be the front face for a new series. Before moving into property, Beeny tried her hand at various jobs including working for Save the Children, having a window-cleaning business, and selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. Sarah has written two best-selling books, both on the subject of developing property for profit.

In 2003, Sarah co-hosted Britain’s Best Homes for Channel 4.

I've been in the game for over a decade, but it feels like a century. If not sorry but due you know who they were and where are they now?

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My House is Falling Down, Restoration Nightmare and Property Ladder.

Sarah Lucinda Beeny (born 9 January 1972) is an English broadcaster and entrepreneur.

I don’t quite remember exactly when, but I’m sure she was one of many inspirations for getting into the property game. She’s very close with her brother, which is a good thing, because they both married into the same family.

The prospect of investing in property just seemed fun… Her husband’s sister is her brother’s wife, which sounds rather biblical, but is actually perfectly legal.

Any information I share is my opinion based on my personal experiences as an active landlord, and should never be contrued as legal or professional advice. I am trying to find out how one gets in touch with Sarah....have a Grade 11 listed house and want advice as to how to reorganize lovel now but needs re-thinking. I always wondered how many kids she had as she always seems pregnant. Keep going Sarah you are brilliant and have inspired me to do a lot of changes in my home.

For more information, please read my full disclaimer. I'm a Landlord blogger; I inconsistently share my useful and useless thoughts on Landlord life. To cleanse your sins, feel free to read more about me and my blog, or even assist in supporting my addiction . I maintain (sort of) a blog of facts about Sarah, so you can find out all you would like to know from there. Did Sarah ever do a programme in her early days with another presenter and always had a jack russell with project was a summer house eliptical in shape at the bottom of their garden.

She also is a keen supporter of Brain Tumour Research, Cardboard citizens and various cancer charities.

Beeny, who started Property Development and Investment businesses at the age of 19 with her brother and then boyfriend and now husband, was also founder of multi-million pound online businesses, were both responsible for disrupting markets and changing the way people think - she made online dating fun and fashionable and pioneered a new way of selling houses.

They were all teenage sweethearts, too: Beeny met her husband, Graham Swift, an artist, at the age of 19.

Sarah is best known for presenting property shows on Channel 4, such as ‘Property Ladder’Sarah set-up her own property development company when she was 24 with her brother and boyfriend.

Anyone with at least 1/20 vision must have got an eyeful of Sarah’s… “assets”Depending on how you look at it, she’s either fortunately or unfortunately, formed quite a .

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