anime dating simulation online - Santana dating brittany glee

The two fully complemented each other and put each other before everyone else.Santana tells Brittany multiple times that she is brilliant and a genius, something most people would laugh at due to Brittany's naive outlook on the world.

They lifted each other up and worked hard to help each other grow.

The love between the two characters was so strong that the actors who played Finn and Rachel, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, had a beautiful romance in real life.

Their relationship was cut short due to the unexpected tragedy of Monteith's death, yet her love for him continues to live on.

Lea had this to say about Cory: There are some who bring a light so great to the world, that even after they have gone, the light remains.

Artie felt a special connection to Tina because he believed they both had impairments and therefore could better understand each other. They were pretty much the perfect couple due to their incredible amount of support for each other and their mutual wants and needs. The two were also way too predictable of a couple as the football star and the head cheerleader to be anything special.

It wasn't until Tina admitted that she didn't really have a stutter, (she just pretended to have one so she wouldn't have to speak up), that Artie's trust had broken within their relationship. Oh, and their names rhyme which is a little creepy for a boyfriend and girlfriend. There was no one Sue loved more than herself and we don't think there's anyone in this world who is good enough to be Sue Sylvester's match. This scene was hilarious, but it was also oddly inspiring. Brittany laughs too and grins at her."If we're gonna use cheesy pet names, do we have to use that one? "Santana laughs and shakes her head at Brittany's ridiculousness.You're my girlfriend, we are endgame, I know that you know that.Finn and Rachel pulled on our heartstrings the most.But one of the things that Artie and Tina were a short-lived couple at the beginning of the series. When Kurt was struggling throughout high school as the only gay kid out of the closet, Blaine showed up as a beacon of light for Kurt.

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