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Steve is only too happy to sleep with a woman he hasn't said two words (until she proves herself too "crazy smart," that is).

The news reporters are only interested in ratings and beating their colleagues to juicy stories.

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Ultimately, Mary realizes that she shouldn't have to change who she is for a man (she doesn't dumb down her behavior or change to be less quirky), but none of the characters is really a role model.

Mary is a workaholic who transforms into an unprofessional, obsessed stalker.

" /Although the movie's "stalking" theme is obviously negative, the movie's resolution makes it clear that if you have to stalk someone you love, they don't really love you.

The fact that Steve is less interested in Mary after discovering how "book smart" she is also sends an iffy message.

She and Steve are shown shirtless (she's wearing a bra) and make overt sexual references/gestures while making out as they're lying down in the backseat of a car.

Although it's technically not a sex scene, the foreplay includes a few verbally explicit moments.

There's a little bit of mild peril when characters get stuck in potentially dangerous situations, as well as a few cartoonish pratfalls.

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