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These relationships can last a few weeks, a few months, or even many years.Healthy relationships should be fun for both people involved.Preventing unhealthy and abusive relationships starts with education.

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For example, other types of unhealthy relationships may be verbally, emotionally, or financially abusive.

Abuse can involve both people being violent or abusive toward each other, or can involve only one person doing this to the other.

Sometimes, however, these relationships can be unhealthy and can be harmful either to you or other people involved.

Unhealthy relationships can be risky because someone can get hurt emotionally or physically.

Whether you’re in crisis or are just looking help for a friend or family member, there are dozens of organizations available to help you deal with a variety of immediate concerns, from crisis situations and domestic violence, to rape and substance abuse.

Most of these hotlines are available 24 hours a day, and can help you with whatever level of assistance you need — from general information about the topic, to helping you find an immediate intervention.Communication is the most important thing in relationships.It forms the basis for respect and honesty and means that you listen to each other’s thoughts and opinions, and accept each other’s right to say no or to change your mind.That doesn’t mean you can only call a hotline once, just that you shouldn’t be calling on a daily basis without seeking other forms of treatment or assistance.For mental health concerns, that means finding a therapist you can talk to or, in some cases, seeking out inpatient care.In a healthy relationship, both partners are comfortable letting the other person know how they are feeling.

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