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Let’s get the most obvious point out of the way first. If you lack masculine energy then trying to kiss her might help you because you'll know where you stand, or might harm you because you risk ending up in the "creepy" corner. Keep it friendly, sexy, hold firm eye contact and make sure you don’t get friendzoned. I keep mentioning this over and over again across all articles. The only thing which is worse is having money but not being willing to spend it.Don’t be the eager beaver that is jizzing in his pants only because he has a date with a beautiful Russian woman. Either way, dating in Russia is a marathon not a sprint. Women won’t understand if you try to save or get a “good deal”.It very much depends on the frame of your relationship. They only care about what emotions that money can buy. If you cannot afford something then simply don’t do it.

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because I am a woman)) I wanna be with my man every moment and i am not looking for one night relations in here..minimum 30 nigh...

Instead of hitting her over the head with sexual energy right at the start, you should keep it short, casual and informal. What matters to them is the impression that you’re not willing to spend money on her.

And if you’re not willing to do that then apparently she isn’t important enough to you.

If she’s very open and enthusiastic about these then you can naturally lead into more sensual topics (“you like to experiment, don’t you”).

You do NOT want to quiz her about her past relationships and then start talking about sex. But on the first and even second date you should proceed with caution.

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Even if the woman “seems expensive”, it’s completely ok to do something within your means.

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