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During the time of Thirteen A supporting role opposite Cate Blanchett and Tommy Lee Jones in Ron Howard's The Missing, in which she played the kidnapped daughter, Lilly Gilkeson, followed the same year, as well as a role in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "Got Murder? In 2005, Wood appeared in the Mike Binder-directed The Upside of Anger, opposite Kevin Costner and Joan Allen, a well-reviewed film in which Wood played Lavender "Popeye" Wolfmeyer, one of four sisters dealing with their father's absence. Wood's next two starring roles were in dark independent films.

In the 2005 Grand Jury Prize Sundance Film Festival nominee Pretty Persuasion, a black comedy/satirical focusing on themes of sexual harassment and discrimination in schools and attitudes about women in media and society, Wood played Kimberly Joyce, a manipulative, sexually active high-schooler.

Directed by Ryan Murphy and starring Annette Bening, the film was based on the memoir by Augusten Burroughs, which is a semi-autobiographical account of Burroughs' childhood in a dysfunctional family.

Wood was awarded the 2007 Cannes Film Festival Chopard Trophy for Female Revelation for her performance.

Robert Pattinson with his "deliciously wicked French accent" will "razzle-dazzle" us in The King The King has premiered at the Venice Film Festival and oh boy is it exciting!

First up, a new still of Rob looking very Robearrr-ish.

Excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter, Venice: 'The King' Director Says He Cast Robert Pattinson to Add "Razzle-Dazzle": Although all actors are in top form, at an early morning press screening in Venice, Pattinson stole the show from the moment he appeared onscreen. It was very, very important to me that when he did appear it was with razzle-dazzle." Michod said that he and Edgerton did an enormous amount of research for the project. I loved how hungry he was to make bold choices," said Michod.

With his outlandish garb and foppish accent, Pattinson drew laughter and applause in his role as the Dauphin of France, serving as the perfect foe to Chalamet’s earnest Henry V. "And then we made a whole bunch of stuff up, too,” he said. Apparently it was historically true that Hal as king offered to fight him one-on-one to settle the score, probably knowing that his offer would be refused." Michod, who cast Pattinson in his second film The Rover, praised the actor for his career decisions. "I just had this feeling that he would love to sink his teeth into this character because it wasn’t like anything he’d done before." Writer-director David Michôd delivers entertaining history with The King, his new Netflix movie about Henry V (Timothée Chalamet) and his ascendancy from partying teenager to warrior sovereign. It was very, very important to me that when he did appear it was with razzle-dazzle.” David Michôd's #The King, a rousing adaptation of Shakespeare's iconic play, features a remarkable & committed #Timothee Chalamet, in a performance that rivals that of Kenneth Branagh.

Wood's first major screen role was in the low-budget 1998 film Digging to China, which also starred Kevin Bacon, Cathy Moriarty and Mary Stuart Masterson.

The film won the Children's Jury Award at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival.

"I just had a feeling he would make it fun," said Michod. “The upshot is I sit here now and I kind of honestly can’t remember what’s real, what’s made up and what’s from Shakespeare.” He continued: "I think he was a bit of a dandy. At its Venice Film Festival premiere on Monday, Henry and his sparring partners snared some hearty gasps and laughs — particularly France’s Dauphin, an arrogant and ridiculous prince who provides a steady stream of comedy. And #Robert Pattinson steals the show as eccentric Dauphin of Viennois.#Venezia76 Xev Uj GGy Robert Pattinson’s appearance in #The King drew delighted laughter from the audience this morning. Timothee Chalamet stays just the right side of Joffrey and is actually a pretty convincing and *hot* knight.

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