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Once when shopping with her mother, the six-year-old Waverly longs for some salted plums.

Because she fusses for them, her mother refuses to buy them.

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As her hair is being combed painfully by Lindo, Waverly slyly asks her what Chinese torture is.

Lindo knows that Waverly is challenging her pride in Chinese culture.

After running away briefly, Waverly contemplates her next move.

Waverly Place Jong is a chess prodigy living in San Francisco’s Chinatown with her Chinese immigrant parents.

The next time, Waverly keeps her wants silent, and her mother rewards her with plums.

Later, Waverly sets a psychological ambush for her mother.

In this waking dream, Waverly feels herself wafted aloft by a wind, detached from her family, and she remembers Lindo’s words, “Strongest wind cannot be seen.” In her terrifying yet exhilarating impasse, Waverly understands that to be herself she must assert her individuality but that she cannot do so without isolating herself from her family.

Welcome to our reviews of the the game dating rules (also known as what to do when your ex has a new girlfriend).

Initially, Lindo deflects her daughter’s question about the possibility of Chinese inhumanity, pointing out that Chinese people are good at business, medicine, and painting.

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