Ruger dating serial number

His serial number breakouts are considerably more precise than anything Ruger has put out, and his discussion of which parts were used when is further informative.He can, for instance, occasionally come pretty close to revealing within a month's time when certain features/parts were changed in a run of a particular model.When I have time I have a .44 semi-auto carbine to investigate, my second Ruger a 1970 era M77(purchased in 1970) and can always lament the .44 Flat top from 1966 that I let go when I went to Nam, etc., etc.. Lets discuss the details off line, send me a PM if interested.

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They could be widely different particularly in the early pre-90s era when large runs of parts were stock-piled and assembled in no particular time order.

Later, as the company got away from large inventories of parts and finished guns, the chances improved that parts were made and used soon before assembly and shipping.

These guys that won't sell to California because of the Politicos are playing right into their hands!! It will just have to live with my commemorative Ruger Pistols in the safe.

They are accomplishing EXACTLY what the Politicos want! If it is legal to buy/ posses here..should be glad to sell here. After all I am always looking for a reason to purchase another!

There will always be the occasional "late shipped" gun having bits and pieces that were released considerably after the gun's serial number might indicate, or the occasional gun wearing some older bits from way earlier production that just floated to the top of the "parts bin" at final assembly.

And of course there is always the potential for the "screwdriver variations" arising from easily-swapped parts that muddy the gun's actual date of origin, either "early" or "late".

According to the Red Eagle News Exchange there are very few of these known, rare little guns. I am on my way to my dealer to pay for the revolver now....should have it in a week or so I would think.

Has taken me a while to find a Blue/bird head, Vaquerito, that would sell to the Peoples Republic of California!!

Is this going to be something I should leave as is?????

I have GREAT plans for her that include a bit of alteration!!!! Ralph Ralph, let us know when you get it in your hands.

All this only serves to keep us on our toes and remember that with Ruger, never say never.

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