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The Devil makes him so sensitive that he spends most of his time crying over how beautiful the world is, and constantly asks Alison, his girlfriend of “three magical weeks,” whether he has hurt her or if she needs anything.Alison says she has had enough of it and wants to be with a man who is strong and shallow.When he returns to the real world, the Devil points out that he never wished for Alison to love him.

The Devil grants this by making him a famous writer whom Alison falls in love with at a cocktail party.

When they arrive at Elliot’s home to make love it is revealed that Elliot is gay and living with a flamboyant male partner.

However, after being asked whether he thinks asking the Devil for a Big Mac and Coke counts as a wish, the priest, believing he is drunk, has Elliot arrested.

The sergeant books him, and the Devil, dressed as a police officer, throws him in a cell, telling him that she does like him, and it would not hurt to have her as a friend.

CAST Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) Elizabeth Hurley (Austin Powers) Frances O’Connor (The Conuring 2) Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow) Paul Adelstein (Scandal) Toby Huss (Jerry Maguire) Brian Doyle-Murray (Groundhog Day) Rudolf Martin (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) Jeff Doucette (Splash) The opening sequence takes the form of a computer simulation run by the Devil to analyze souls and determine individual weaknesses to exploit and corrupt.

The program finally settles on Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser), a geeky, over-zealous man working a dead-end technical support job in a San Francisco computer company.

The Devil makes him a cliché-spewing NBA star, but also gives him a small penis and a low IQ, which causes Alison, a sports reporter, to lose interest in him shortly after they meet.

He then wishes to be intelligent, witty and well-endowed.

The Devil teleports them to Hell, where she transforms first into a black horned monster, then into a giant.

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