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While Ken tries to convince Columbo that Jim was the subject of a professional hit due to researching East Coast crimelords for a supposed new book, the suave writer’s plans take another nosedive when Lily La Sanka, the flirtatious widow who runs the grocery store near Ken’s cabin, makes an unwelcome appearance in LA.She knows Ken is involved in Jim’s death because she saw him in Ken’s car when they stopped at her store a euphemism).Ein Kundenberater von Getty Images wird sich bezüglich einer Verlängerung an Sie wenden.

Ken calls Columbo to alert him, yet he still took the time to open his mail afterwards.

“Bills are distracting,” says a knowing Columbo as he exits for the night, rocking Ken’s bravado.

At his most charming, the devilish Ken woos Lily with fine wine and the promise of romance at a cosy dinner for two. As Lily counts the cash, Ken sneaks up behind with an empty bottle and (presumably, as the tasteful editing shows no violence) bludgeons her to death.

He reclaims his money, then rows out into the middle of the lake in Lily’s boat and jetisons her body before swimming home.

Mit Easy Access-Downloads können Sie Bilder mit hoher Auflösung und ohne Wasserzeichen herunterladen.

Sofern Sie keine anderslautende schriftliche Vereinbarung mit Getty Images haben, stehen Easy Access-Downloads als Layoutbilder zur Verfügung, sind jedoch nicht für den Gebrauch in einem endgültigen Projekt lizenziert.While the two are mid-conversation, Ken shoots Jim, triggering a terrified Joanna to contact the police to let them know her husband has been shot.And, naturally, Lieutenant Columbo is one of the cops called in.And because Jim really does all the writing, Ken has a problem on his hands if he wants to maintain his playboy lifestyle (which he most certainly does).After ‘playfully’ intruding on Jim as he finishes the final Melville novel, Ken convinces his partner to accompany him on a trip south to his lakeside cabin.Lieutenant Columbo: Peter Falk Ken Franklin: Jack Cassidy Jim Ferris: Martin Milner Lily La Sanka: Barbara Colby Joanna Ferris: Rosemary Forsyth Directed by: Steven Spielberg Produced by: Richard Levinson and William Link Score by: Billy Goldenberg Written by: Steven Bochco Along with Jim Ferris, womaniser Ken Franklin is one half of one of the word’s hottest mystery writing duo, with a string of best selling ‘Mrs Melville’ mysteries to their name.

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