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The wipes (.99) went on sale on the team's website Wednesday, with proceeds going to charity.

After sticking his neck out, it seemed like a playoff victory.

He has been around long enough to know the value of a Week 1 victory, but this one was special for a few reasons, including his envy of the Giants' championship status.

"It's almost surreal to me to sit here and we haven't been here to a Super Bowl in these many years," he says.

Along the way, Jones has become more visible than nearly probably all of his current players, except maybe the much-maligned quarterback, Tony Romo.

"For the Cowboys, I really didn't believe there was another level after what Tex Schramm, Tom Landry and Gil Brandt built," Irvin recalls.

"Jerry has taken their ceiling and made it his floor." Giant envy Yet for all the fame, what he stills craves most are those elusive postseason wins.Thus, Jones declared that all of his win-now offseason moves were designed to match up better against the Giants -- including a .1 million contract for free-agent cornerback Brandon Carr, a trade up to select LSU corner Morris Claiborne sixth overall, beefing up the O-line with free agents and keeping linebacker Anthony Spencer on board with an .8 million franchise tag."In my mind," he adds of the Week 1 win, "what we gained was so much more nourishing for us, than the loss was for them."We have a long-standing rivalry with them," Mara said."It doesn't have much to do with him at this point." Last season, the Giants earned a playoff spot with a 9-7 record by defeating Dallas twice in the final four weeks -- including a Week 14 loss in Arlington, Texas, when the Cowboys blew a 12-point lead in the final five minutes."I don't know how you criticize him for when he got hurt in the sixth game two years ago (fractured collarbone). "But I don't hear a big chant." Romo had nothing but positive things to say about Jones at the Cowboys practice facility on Thursday.

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