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We are letting our "actions speak" by training them according to God's standards.

By living a righteous life, parents provide their children with the understanding of how God's rules govern all our lives.

It takes time and discipline to maintain, especially with the many obstacles that cross our path – in my case, raising a child with special needs.

The vows we shared included “for better or worse, in sickness and in health.” There was never a thought about the possibility of having a special needs child, nor any discussion of how much stress and strain such a situation would put on our marriage.

Then, as our children mature, they develop a habit of doing right, serving God by making their own decisions.

It is the goal of every parent to see their children accept responsibility for their decisions. " Obviously, there's no fast-track for instructing children.

If our children learn from their mistakes and accept godly correction, then we are on the right course. Parental instruction is an arduous journey that begins at birth and continues for many years.

One father tried to take a short-cut in explaining responsibility by saying, "It's not what you do, but whether or not you get caught. And there may be countless times when our children make careless decisions and even choose to reject instruction.

Now as the world conforms, our children react to the unprecedented immorality, anti-family, and anti-parent concepts in schools and media.

Parents show increasing concern as their children are encouraged to shun strict rules and biblical truths.

Consistent, loving correction helps children learn biblical truths like self-discipline.

God knew Abraham would raise godly children and God blessed him.

Christian Parenting - To Choose Christian parents face the difficult task of raising children in a world of "correctness." In the past, children grew up in a society that clearly defined what was right and what was wrong.

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