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How can taking too long to return messages cost your company money? A simple Google search for businesses in your industry will often generate quite the list.

It’s of vital importance that you’re able to make excellent impressions on first-time callers so they don’t choose your competition over you.

But it's not just women or singles who deal with text message misinterpretations, confusion, stress, and assumptions, plenty of people in relationships get caught up in decoding text messages, or worse, engage in text fights."This is one of the biggest relationship pitfalls that I hear about in my practice," Laura L.

A reputation of being unreliable may be unfairly placed upon you. Be sure to establish an expected time when you plan on returning their calls.

And it would all be because you took too long to call your customer back. How can you ease the minds of customers who are waiting on returned calls?

“I’ll get to it eventually” is a thought that has likely run through many a mind of the young entrepreneur.

However, placing little importance on the necessity to quickly return phone calls can have massive repercussions for your business.

If you are speaking to a customer live, be sure to provide them with a date and time when they will hear back from you. At SIClytics, we’re very well aware of the importance of promptly returning phone calls for all business owners.

For this reason, we have introduced our Missed Call Notifications services to help busy entrepreneurs never miss out on opportunities to follow up on their missed calls.

It may feel old-school (but hey, aren't the '90s back anyway?

), or terrifying (if you're not used to it), but your best bet for communicating effectively and building a connection with your crush or partner may be to just pick up the phone and call them.

"Unfortunately, text has become the primary form of communication in modern relationships because of the convenience and the ability to text while doing other things," says Ryan.

So what's the best method of communication when you're not with someone in person?

That's why Bustle is partnering with Blogologues' No Text Weekend, a challenge to not text from September 23-25.

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