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page Id=25170300 Help on using Subclipse is available through the Eclipse Help system.

We recommend that you modify the preferences slightly in order to be able to know what revision you are looking at.

By setting things up in this way, you can always see what revision you are looking at.

perspective (see Open a SVN Perspective below) to connect to your repository.

See Add a New SVN Repository to View in Subclipse below.

To open up your project at a previous commit: You will now be looking at your project exactly as it was at that prior commit point.

You can always go back to the latest version by updating back to the "HEAD" revision.

(Subversion always considers the latest version to be the "HEAD" revision.) If you decide you want this previous version to be the new HEAD version, you must roll back the changes between the current HEAD and the previous version you want.

One problem with the ability to go back in time is that it becomes more difficult to understand what version of your project you are actually looking at.

The only way to commit this file is to delete the working copy and checkout clean.

So the workflow is like this: This never happens with collabnet client.

Sometimes if I commit into svn with idea the file in working copy does not get marked as of newest version.

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