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Building Stones - Igneous rocks Lesson plan on how rocks are used for all our meals from crockery to cutlery, and how minerals are present in many of the things we eat and drink.

Resources from a fantastic lecture by Pete Loader in Earth Science Week 2013 on the reality of Plate Tectonics for the people of Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Ok, well not so much of a lesson plan, but it’s a great bit of technology for students and teachers!

A free App that lets you take a geological map of Britain with you wherever you go to help you learn about the rocks beneath your feet.

Read the lesson plan Download the Classroom Volcano lesson plan Chocolate has the ability to be ground into small particles, heated, cooled and compressed just like rocks.

Create your own sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous chocolate.

Aimed at sixth form students, the Anthropocene resource pack presents a selection of evidence and asks pupils to decide for themselves if the Earth has entered the Anthropocene yet and if so, when?

It can be used either as a group or individual exercise, and provides experience in developing analytical skills.This lesson demonstrates cross-cutting relationships and the age of rocks.It also highlights the remarkable role James Hutton played in changing ideas about the age of the Earth - he even influenced Charles Darwin!Add this to you phone's GPS, you'll know exactly where you are.The maps include rock descriptions, choice of topographic base map plus William Smith's historic 1815 geological map and other features.Read the lesson plan Download the lesson plan as a pdf By our resident geobaker, Catherine Kenny Download the Silurian Death Assemblage Cupcakes recipe A small group activity using photographs of igneous rocks used for ornamental purposes.

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