Regency england dating

These three rules serve to indicate the importance of protecting a virtuous young lady’s reputation by avoiding inappropriate interactions.

The first time most couples were alone was during the actual proposal.

Bennet in BYU’s Pride and Prejudice) “Sir James Martin had been drawn in by that young lady to pay her some attention; and as he is a man of fortune, it was easy to see HER views extended to marriage. is absolutely on the catch for a husband…” ~ Jane Austen, from her novel Lady Susan By the 18th and 19th centuries, the idea of marrying for love was gaining ground, although it was considered déclassé to demonstrate too much passion for one’s spouse.

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In those days, people who were born into the higher classes regarded themselves as more established and important than people who had only recently become wealthy.

Running a business and being “in trade” was thought of as earning “new money” in contrast to being rich with “old money” from property, which had been held within the family for a long time.

He might indeed, be put under pressure by his parents to do so, in order to bring in a huge boost to the family’s wealth.

However, a nobleman’s daughter must remember that she would not be allowed to marry a merchant, because the family’s great estates might then fall under the control of a dealer in trade, and the family name and continuity might be lost.In Pride and Prejudice, The Bingleys are an example of the nouveau riche family; they are wealthy and respectable but not of the same status as Mr. Jane Austen herself, as a clergyman’s daughter, did not hold sufficient promise of land or dowry to attract a noble suitor.However, it would have been important for her to make a match worthy of her mother’s distinguished relations and her father’s scholarly and religious status in their community.The protocol of what was “done” and “not done” must have seemed extremely complicated to any young person with the intention to socialize faultlessly.In terms of day-to-day socializing, a gentleman needed to establish that he was paying attention to the appropriate daughter of a family, since it was bad form to take an interest in a younger sister “still in the school room” who had not yet started on the seasonal rounds of balls and dances.Jane & Bingley ultimately rip up the letters they are writing to each other because, despite their desire to communicate, it would be untoward to send letters to one another.

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