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The proud spirit of the Norwegian people shines in every dimension of their capital city — from its once-fearsome Viking ships to its sleek new Opera House, from a fun folk museum that keeps traditions alive to the constant festival of its thriving harborfront.

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Along with the two well-preserved ships, you'll see the bones of Vikings buried with these vessels and remarkable artifacts that may cause you to consider these notorious raiders in a different light.

Highlights are the cart and sleighs, ornately carved with scenes from Viking sagas.

In summer, it's a particularly tempting destination in the late afternoon, after the museums have closed, and there's still plenty of daylight. We'll gather with the masses for a concert atop of Oslo's strikingly modern opera house, admire the graceful lines of ancient Viking ships, enjoy some medieval flirting, feel the soul of Norway in its National Gallery, cruise the Oslofjord, and join locals in Europe's ultimate sculpture park.

(Sculptures are also well-lit after dark, when the park remains open, and safe to visit.) Hi, I'm Rick Steves, back with more of the Best of Europe. For much of its history, Norway was ruled by other Scandinavian powers — Denmark and Sweden.

Oslo's harborfront City Hall is full of great art and is worth touring.

The mayor has his office here, and every December 10, this building is where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented.Information-packed tours explain what makes this one of the greenest buildings in Europe and why Norwegian taxpayers helped foot the half-billion dollar bill for this project: to make high culture accessible to the younger generation and a stratum of society who normally wouldn't care.You'll see a workshop employing 50 people who hand-make costumes, and learn how the foundation of 700 deep-set pylons support the jigsaw puzzle of wood, glass, and 36,000 pieces of marble.Nearly one in five Norwegians calls greater Oslo home.Its streets are a mix of glassy high-rises, and — especially in its finer residential neighborhoods — grand facades.The boulevard is named for the man who built this palace: Karl Johan.

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