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Unlike Subversion, you can't type the address to a remote repository. Assuming I want to configure my helperful GEM repository, I first need to clone the repository on my server then type the absolute filesystem path, for instance Using the remote clone URL won't work because Git can't send status commands over the network to remote repository.

You can only push to or pull from remote repositories but you need a local clone to work on. Again, don't try to fill the field with one of the following addresses: Hit the create button and go to the Repository page.

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Again, Git is not a centralized repository and Redmine doesn't support remote Git repositories.

This means, you need to setup a separate process to update your local Git repository and notify Redmine of new commits.

Not sure what the problem was that caused the "could not read" errors. Incidentally, running "fetch_changesets" every minute is probably asking for a synchronization problem. Nothing has changed lately with permissions to my knowledge.

I did notice that the 128 error fixed itself in the middle of the night, on Saturday morning (~24 hours later).

That being said, a user tried to create a new project and push the initial commit today and failed.

When I get less busy I can probably figure this out pretty easy as it does look like a simple configuration problem, but I am still unsure of how it got in this state.

This guide is based on the Felix Schafer guide posted on the Redmine Wiki.

NOTE: Before starting this guide, take into account that these steps are not necessary if all you wish to do is track the repository changes in the Redmine application.

I'm kind of beginning to think that this was probably completely unrelated to this plugin.

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