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When he converted to Christianity, he asked for the book to be taken out of print. The anger that motivated the writing of the Cookbook blinded me to the illogical notion that violence can be used to prevent violence.”But with more than two million copies in circulation and no legal hold of the copyright, the damage has clearly been done.Before penning – one of the all-time bestselling works of Christian fiction – Francine Rivers was best-known for her steamy novels.

The day was spent floating (and sometimes hanging on for dear life in the rapids). When was the last time you and your spouse: date into your life.

To kick-start a more active love life, you might want to take a more active weekend getaway (or longer) vacation.

And while they’re waiting, to commit to “purposeful singleness”.

At the time of writing with a perhaps naive perception of the effect his words would have.

I’d rather go for a deeper topic, and for me more meaningful rather than all the excessive violence and darkness. ” is a Latin phrase meaning ‘What I have written, I have written’.

It was most famously used by Pontius Pilate in response to the Jewish priests who objected to his writing on the sign that was hung above Jesus at the Crucifixion.

With her husband, Rick, they moved to northern California in the 1980s, hoping that being closer to family would help them work through their differences.

After their new neighbours invited them to church, Francine and Rick ended up accepting Christ. She continues to write books containing love stories, but recognises her characters are imperfect people: “I don’t know any Christians who have had an easy time or haven’t made mistakes,” she says.

And I hate all that so intensely that sometimes I almost wish that I had never written any books at all.”The letter was written in November 1891 – 26 years after the publication of 2006).

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