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A study of Australian newspapers from 19 found that the word “chairman” was used to describe all people holding the position, including women.This is an example of a linguistic issue that feminists seek to reform.

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Sweden have made strides towards shifting their language to fit a less misogynistic society.

In the Swedish language, there has never been a word for the female genitalia or even a translation of the word “vagina”, even though the word snopp translates to “penis” and has been used as such since the 1960s.

However, these attempts at change have been met with little success.

This is due to the fact that Switzerland has limited influence over the French language.

Various attempts to implement feminist language reform have been undertaken in German-speaking Switzerland.

The government and other organizations have attempted to implement language feminization in the realms of policy making, teaching, advertising, etc.

This is because many nouns (especially those of professions) are gendered.

To address these concerns, the Swiss government has created a guide on the non-sexist use of the French language.

Scholarship such as Dennis Baron's "Grammar and Gender" and Anne Bodine's "Androcentrism in Prescriptive Grammar" uncovered historical male regulation to promote male-centric language such as the use of "he" as a generic pronoun.

Exposition and analysis of sexism in language through a grassroots feminist linguistics movement continued throughout the 80's and 90's, including study across languages and speech communities such as Germany and France.

Its popular definition “refers to something small and/or narrow, for example a small pike or a narrow boat”.

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