Realbasic progress bar not updating dating pop rock star

16825 Compiler: binaries generated now include the LC_UUID load command, which is required by Mac App Store applications.This fixes the issue where the Mac App Store "Application Loader" tool would reject programs claiming that it is missing architectures.

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The second caused an XML exception and gave the user no way to determine what was wrong.

Now this will raise a SOAPException with the XML data so the cause of the issue can be determined.

This is intended for compatibility only and you should move to using setup strings created from Cocoa builds.

The compatibility mode may not properly copy over all the attributes contained in the Carbon setup string.

16875 Web: User-driven web events are now locked inside Critical Sections.

This means a single event (such as a button push) cannot be triggered twice for the same session.15969 Web: Threads in Web Edition will now correctly map to a session object, allowing updates to the UI from within the thread.In order for this to function, the thread constructor and destructor must be allowed to fire.Since the Thread class previously did not have a constructor nor destructor, existing subclasses with custom constructors will not have the required Super. When using a thread in Web Edition, please be sure Super.Constructor is called in any overridden constructors. 15979 IDE: A bug that crashed the IDE which was caused by pasting from Preview (which pastes a URL for a file - a tiff in the cases tested) has been fixed.16198 Key Up and Key Down have been replaced with a single event, Key Pressed which fires after the user has released a key (or repeatedly if the user holds the key down).

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