Rastafari interracial dating

The only thing black guys like better than fucking white girls, is fucking white girls in the ass.These dirty white slut can't get enough of that black cock being rammed in their asses.For a "conscious" rapper, dude has some pretty backwards opinions on these topics. Exhibit A: The song Hungry: Downtown interracial lovers hold hands / I breathe heavy like an old man, with a cold can of Old Style Exhibit B: The song Real People: Black men see 'em, with white girls on their arm, I be mad at 'em, as if I know their mom. You can listen to all the redbone lyrics, the praising light skinned girls and white girls in lyrics from everybody all the time, but here is Common saying the direct of that but no thats not acceptable?

As evidenced by his explanation of the line from Exhibit A: Everyone commenting that you've lost respect for Common is and idiot.

When its fucking news that Kendrick or 2 Chainz has dark skinned girls starring in their videos you don't see anything wrong with that but Common liking to see black couples together "Nah I can't get behind that" Common is not as much anti interacial dating as he is pro black love.

Although I really don't agree with any of Common's beliefs here or the fact that I think he's not pro-gay (source: Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World), I do thoroughly respect Common as a person besides being one of my favorite MC's.

I think, although this view is dated and close-minded, it's rooted in his being heavily religious and afrocentric.

- a sexual interraction between different racial groups, usually between black man and white woman.

Watch black guys with huge monster cocks pounding tight white pussies.Yes, the entire black community should be aware and take pride in their community and what they've overcome, but for any race or any person to say that real relationships can't exist between any two people completely negates the possibility of progression regarding racial tolerance in this country.I'd love to pick Common's mind on the topic as I had and still have considerable respect for him.Which, at the very least, is more than some people with similar views would be willing to admit.Even if I disagree completely and vehemently with everything he said, haha.Additionally, I think he's a great model for the black community in the media, but the cliché "with great power comes great responsibility," applies to him to, and to flat-out say something so objective and hypocritical is irresponsible. I mean don't get me wrong I hate the shit some rappers do where they use white women as a way to put black women down, like "i fuck white girls because they're superior" and all that bullshit, but that has nothing to do with love or dating, that's white supremacy mixed with sex (the latter of which he is OK with...not actual dating...wtf?

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