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In a rare moment of actual interaction between the two one night on the stairs, the only thing Jung can think of is to offer the 11-year-old a cigarette while tears are welling up in his eyes.

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Occasionally, he tries to get under Jung’s skin by putting on his boxer shorts and mimicking his daily routines, including shaving.

Thus, his obsession with Jung becomes his own daily routine, a routine which he takes very seriously.

Over 90 percent of oral board candidates attend the course at least once prior to taking the exam. Haque joined Regional West Physicians Clinic-Neurosurgery, where he practices neurosurgery with Omar Jimenez, MD, FAANS.

Both neurosurgeons serve on Regional West’s Trauma Team.

Jung seems oblivious to Xiao Wu’s childish attempts at communicating with him.

His own mind is grief-stricken by the loss of his girlfriend and he chooses to ignore even the boy’s unimpeded attempts at provoking a reaction from him.

Every now and then, we learn about some young child who, not unlike Mowgli having been abandoned by humans after birth, grows up unaware of the expected human behaviour imitating instead the creatures that it has lived with, be it dogs, monkeys or whatever else.

Constant social interaction is not just an unavoidable subproduct of the ever-increasing urban co-habitation, it is also very much a prerequisite for our humanity in general and our own place in the surrounding society in particular.

Leading a lonely existence in an adolescent world disconnected from the rest of the society, Xiao Wu is a typical product of surroundings which have little time to spare for one another.

Growing up mostly on his own and feeling alienated in school, his only role models are fictional characters on TV shows whom he knows so well that he simply mimics every word one of them, ironically a disgruntled housewife, has to say.

In addition to their neurosurgery practice, both Dr. Haque serve on the clinical faculty of the University of Colorado, School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery. Haque is a graduate of Harvard University and earned his medical degree at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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