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But I liked Kellie enough that it forced me to see the obvious: We shared a common thread.Multiple threads, really, because we didn’t just choose Mike — he chose us.

We were able to offer each other insight that none of our other friends could — because we got it.

We knew his typical emotional trajectory, mild hoarding tendencies, sex stuff (to be fair, we never stayed on the last subject too long).

I wanted to be better than those insecure impulses.

After all, Mike’s current girlfriend does a badass job promoting cycling around the city through various efforts.

Despite the facts — I’d moved on and she was in a long-term relationship with someone else — I felt annoyed catching her in line for the bar bathroom.

Clearly a bit tipsy, she leaned in: “I know Mike, too,” she said (his name and others have been changed throughout the story).

Neither of us had signed up for a game of “Who Can Be the Best Ex? Neither Kellie nor I had especially amicable splits with Mike, but enough time had passed since the breakups to extinguish any antagonistic impulses.

Slowly we moved beyond cordial acquaintanceship, peeling off from the larger conversations around us to talk about our many common interests (she was similarly obsessed with the now-defunct “Professor Blastoff” podcast, too! We were careful not to burn him in a verbal effigy; instead, what developed was a very human, emotionally rewarding exchange of personal experiences.

I added a clarification far down in the comment chain, “Or what about current S. ” A day later, Mike’s current girlfriend left one word: “Yo.” She and I had met a handful of times in passing, but I never made efforts to get to know her — probably because some jealousy remained.

I felt the same barfiness as I did in the bathroom line, but this time, it was different.

“I do feel a certain connection to them — I think they are great — and clearly he has great taste in women,” she says.

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