Quicken and chase not updating

But you can also connect directly from within your account registers to your financial institutions to download transaction data directly to your registers.In Europe, for banks using HBCI, you can even initiate bank transactions from within Gnu Cash. S., living in a Quicken and MSMoney dominated environment, generally must use OFX based data for online banking. At present, OFXDirect Connect can be used to download transaction data from credit card and bank accounts.

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On the third page, select "Run" to proceed to the second part of the assisant. That's a user-specific "Two Factor Authentication" number that ensures that only one program installation can connect to your bank. This screen, but it's not widely needed so just click "OK" on the 4th page.

Not all banks use it, but if your's does then you'll need to insert one. There are several generators on the web like this one. The actual values are software and header versions, the pull-down list just sets those based on (unfortunately older) versions of various Intuit products. Once a User is defined, you could click on the Accounts tab and define the account(s) associated with the previously define User(s).

But it is usually easier to let Aq Banking retrieve an account list for each user.

If successful, you don't have to worry about the Accounts tab at all.

Add( "ACCTTYPE", "CHECKING" ); else if ( m_== OFX_SAVINGS_ACCOUNT ) bankacctfrom Tag.

Add( "ACCTTYPE", "SAVINGS" ); else if ( m_== OFX_MONEYMRKT_ACCOUNT ) bankacctfrom Tag.

The first screen is informational, just click "Next". Once your bank's name appears in the list you can select it and click "OK".

Since we're setting up an OFX Direct Connect user, select that from the radio-group and click "Next". The next page collects a name for the user; for AQBanking to use. The next field is your user id at the bank, and the third is "Client UID".

Even after assigning a user to the account with the Aq Banking wizard, I still get this. These configuration files will open with a simple text editing program such as "Notepad." To open them with notepad, right click and select "open with" and then choose notepad.

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