Once the porn firm has decided it wants to work with someone, it sends them several specially designed "voyeur cams" which can be installed around their home.

This means lusty voyeurs can watch people enjoying the act of physical love - or simply gaze at them sleeping.


"The neighbours don't know I'm camming, although I can get loud sometimes," she said.

"With Life Stream, I get to decide where I put the cameras.

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A PROMINENT porn company has offered to pay people to install surveillance cameras inside their home and broadcast a 24/7 "Life Stream" which lets strangers watch them having SEX.

Cam Soda, a company which specialises in webcam pornography, has just launched a new website designed to "capitalise on the burgeoning live streaming trend made popular by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat".

Charley Hart, a webcam performer, has already installed the Life Stream cameras in her home.

She told The Sun Online she is an "introverted extrovert" who "loves to be watched but doesn't want to be seen".

XXXNote: Chaturbate girls are free to report any location they wish.

Most girls report an accurate location, but some may not.

"So far, they are in the bedroom, living room and bathroom.

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