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The relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico is known in English as a commonwealth.

There is no precise Spanish equivalent to this word; thus, it is translated as estado libre associado (literally, "freely-associated state").

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The culture of Puerto Rico is nearly independent from the 50 states.

The culture is distinctly Carribean, but closely related to the culture of Spain with a few African and native influences. flag being flown everywhere reminding you that you are still on U. soil and other noticeable mainland influences including numerous strip malls, basketball, and the popular love affair with large cars.

Puerto Rico became United States territory under the Treaty of Paris, which also ended the Spanish–American War.

The United States passed Law 5600 giving Puerto Rico authorization to create and approve its own constitution.

Because Puerto Rico is relatively short in width, it does not have any long rivers or large lakes. There is no passport control or customs inspection for travel between the US mainland and Puerto Rico or vice versa, although the USDA does perform agricultural inspections of luggage bound from Puerto Rico to the U. Puerto Rico choose to follow the Mainland US entry reqirements.

The Rio de la Plata is the longest river in the island of Puerto Rico, which flows to the northern coast and drains into the Atlantic Ocean about 18km (11 miles) west of San Juan. As with the Mainland, any non-US citizen must follow the Visa Waiver Program.

Puerto Rico does not have any natural lakes; however, it does have 15 reservoirs. American, American Samoan citizens don't need a passport nor visa to travel to Puerto Rico.

Only some form of government ID(example; a driver's license) is needed for proof of citizenship.

NOTE: In September of 2017, Puerto Rico was battered by Hurricane Maria, which caused widespread destruction of the infrastructure of the island.

Be advised that housing, transportation, and public utilities were suffering major disruptions as of October 2017, and plan accordingly if you need to travel to the island Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that is a self-governing commonwealth of the United States of America.

In any event, all agricultural items will be checked for disease. Official tourism company-sponsored taxis on the Island are clean, clearly identifiable, and reliable.

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