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At least, thanks to Brian, we had a few pieces of paradise to take with us and Pre-teen and I can now say we “hung out” at a nude beach… After much waiting and hoping, our kestrel couple arrived and shortly thereafter we had 5 eggs in the nest.

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As for Pre-Teen, well apparently Never Swim in the Water at a Nudist Beach was another addendum to his rule – he watched at a safe distance from the beach.

Upon exiting the water, we saw a (clothed) man striding towards us.

When we got to the bottom of the hill, right where the trail opened out onto a beach entrance we saw this: Yeah, resist that if you can. You know – Never Sit on a Couch at a Nudist Colony!!! ” Pre-Teen: “Well, the same goes for Never Lay on a Lounge Chair at a Nudist Beach!

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HWI scientists also band adult and nestling kestrels to better understand movement, survival, and seasonal population turnover.

To learn more visit: The Nature Conservancy and its partners are working to protect wetlands along the Great Salt Lake, one of the western hemisphere’s most important stopovers for migrating birds, including American kestrels.

For the past eight years, American kestrels have visited the nest box at The Nature Conservancy’s preserve near the Great Salt Lake.

Though fairly common across North America, in recent years scientists have reported declines in American kestrel populations.

For that reason, kestrels are a welcome sight at the Great Salt Lake and their presence is a strong indicator of the overall health of the surrounding wetland ecosystem.

This nestbox is one of 25 on TNC lands along the Great Salt Lake Shoreline.

It is not a lengthy list, but nonetheless, it is definitive.

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