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Academic Study Interestingly, a study conducted recently by researchers at West Virginia University and the University of Illinois discovered that attraction often diminished at initial contact, despite a positive first impression online.

However, this process was reduced by the degree of online communication that took place before meeting, suggesting that virtual reality and its immersive potential could result in more successful dating and matching.

Augmented reality is slightly different from virtual reality, essentially using technology to enhance the everyday experience.

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Of the two, it is easier to predict the potential direction of artificial intelligence, thanks to the increasing levels of sophisticated machine learning and thinking that we are witnessing on the public stage.

Achievements such as Google building a computer that was able to master chess in a matter of hours indicate that super-intelligent machines are on the horizon.

Already the entertainment industry is tapping into the potential of virtual reality and dating, with a range of content that showcases the potential of this technology.

One TV program saw virtual daters meet using HTC Vive VR technology.

Other uses of technology have focused around virtual girlfriend and virtual boyfriend simulations, while there are a raft of other potential uses as well.

It could, for example, be possible to practice dating through virtual reality applications, and there really is a world of possibility in the virtual dating niche.Virtual Dates Virtual dates could then be conducted, with the opportunity of getting to know what a person is like ahead of meeting them in the real world.Of course, it is already possible to communicate with someone through the Internet before meeting them face-to-face, but this virtual dating concept could improve the experience immeasurably.What is certain is that virtual reality is becoming a more central part of the popular culture.As well as in the video game field, TV broadcasters are also tinkering with virtual reality, in order to deliver new viewing experiences to consumers.It’s harder to see how augmented reality could be involved in the virtual dating experience, but when big corporations such as Google and Apple invest in the concept it is clear that AR has a big future.

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