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On why he’s at the Workshop School, Anibal said, “I do my own research. I’ve been making my own decisions since I was seven.” He left half his family in Mexico to attend school in Philadelphia.

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At home in a giant art deco depression era school building, Vaux Big Picture High School is a partnership between the school district, the housing authority, the teacher’s union, and Big Picture.

Schools in the BPL network use student internships to engage young people in areas of interest and to build work-ready skills.

Founder Simon Hauger (above) said the big block builds community.

‘Students are known, stretched, and cared for in the community.” Aiming at My Ways outcomes, most of the integrated projects are designed by teachers with a mix of standards embedded. With no seat time requirements, the progressive schools of Philadelphia are free to pursue competency-based approaches.

Over 18 million people trust Progressive to insure something they love such as their car, boat, house, motorcycle, etc.

That's no surprise because we're the third largest auto insurer and the #1 motorcycle/specialty RV insurer.He says his office had no criminal matters with Hill during his term, but he stopped short of blaming his predecessors."What a lot of us do in law enforcement is risk management and there will be like it or not, bad results," Krasner said.From academic intensive care to world-class exemplars of inquiry-based learning, the 10 progressive autonomous schools in the Philadelphia Innovation Network work together to expand opportunity.But prison apparently did little to reform the drug dealer who sources say ran corners in Southwest Philadelphia. There was also three years of supervised release after the sentence was finished.Soon, federal prosecutors would be onto him, and he pleaded guilty to two gun violations and sentenced to 55 months behind bars. He served that and was not under supervision at the time last night."Krasner, the progressive district attorney, who critics accuse of being soft on crime, praised police efforts in orchestrating Hill's surrender and ultimately freeing hostages.Teachers are experimenting with dual tracks where some students have the option to do more project-based learning.

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