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You can get troubleshooting steps from the Microsoft Support website.

Some 43% also agreed that the update process causes fewer interruptions than previous version, although 21% disagreed.

That, it has to be said, is pretty much where the compliments end and the problems that Microsoft has still to address properly begin.

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But it does matter because experience drives perception, and if that perception is that updates cause problems then users will look for ways to delay installing them.

This is mirrored perfectly in the low uptake for the major 'October Update' mentioned earlier.

The last big Windows 10 update, the 'October Update' or version 1809 to be more formal, was something of a disaster for many users.

Everything from an Intel driver problem that silenced computers, system crashes and worse of all documents, photos and music files being deleted were reported.

Instead, the perception was that the updates were mostly there to add new features to the operating system.

This shouldn't matter, of course, as the updates happen automatically so those security patches get installed anyway.

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