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Five academic experts on ancient charts note that the 1418 map puts together information that was available piecemeal in China from earlier nautical maps, going back to the 13th century and Kublai Khan, who was no mean explorer himself.

You’ll meet up to a dozen other single professionals face-to-face in your age group through a series of six-minute “Pre-Dates” in downtown Columbus.

We facilitate the whole thing so there’s no awkwardness, no pressure, no embarrassment and no games… Pre-Dating then emails each guest a list of participants who would like to hear from them again!

Walker has turned local media into a full time career over the past decade and serves on multiple boards and committees throughout the community.

It sounds trite, but beer drinkers who were used to their light beer had to be talked down from the explosion to their senses that was craft beer.”As of 2012, Barley’s has brewed 56 different beers and served approximately 4 million pints from this location.

The Portuguese are aware of a world map drawn before 1420 by a cartographer named Albertin di Virga, which showed Africa and the Americas.

Since no Portuguese seamen had yet discovered those places, the most obvious source for the information seems to be European copies of Chinese maps.

THE brave seamen whose great voyages of exploration opened up the world are iconic figures in European history.

Columbus found the New World in 1492; Dias discovered the Cape of Good Hope in 1488; and Magellan set off to circumnavigate the world in 1519.

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It is a copy, made in 1763, of a map, dated 1418, which contains notes that substantially match the descriptions in the book.

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