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But still would welcome talking about him to those interested. (Monty) Palit, I'll repost something I put on Doublegunshop which summarizes his career.

If anyone knows anybody in the circle of the maharaja of Kolhapur, would much appreciate some asking about the Reilly's. I will say that we saw each other everyday for 3 years; he visited us in Greece and we drove up to Meteora, went past Thermopolae, went to Delphi and down to the Peleponnese to see the ruins of Mycenae. After this summary, later on I'll add some vignettes never written about hunting in Aurangpur, some hunting protocols he picked up from his Commanding officers and passed on to his subordinates, some observations about the "Permit Raj"...(I had a Black CJ-7 in New Delhi.

II in India, I would gladly pay for the book and its shipping to USA and for your time: https://books.google.com/books/about/Mu ...

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It can be read here along with the original research: ...

t=showflat L-R: Author; Patel (who made the duck curry); General Palit, in New Delhi, November 1988: 28 years later....a Reilly Sx S in memory of General Palit:' Now here is a request.

But the idea that I needed a Sx S became fixed…even more so when he gifted my wife the 20ga William Evans as we left country. The seller had about 15 guns from very high-quality makers. It had some imperfections; it wasn’t pristine, had been worked on; I paid too much but it was my gun.

He said I was the only person ever to show interest in the Reilly. With this introduction the gun led me to do three years of research on Reilly.

General Palit published his own version of the Sino-Indian war of 1862 "War in the High Himalayas"...like every account of that debacle, it may be a bit self serving.

His final book was really a story of his life which is fascinating for the observations of society in India in the 1930's-60's.

He had 5 doubles on his wall passed down by his father and grandfather, I believe they were: a 12ga Holland & Holland, a 12ga E. Reilly, a 16ga possibly Army-Navy, one I’m not sure of and a 20ga. I had a CJ-7 Jeep in New Delhi at that time; he had the hunting permits; and we went out often in the Falls of those three years, hunting ducks, dove and quail in the brilliant yellow mustard fields of Uttar Pradesh on the Gangetic plain. It was 6 lbs 1oz, chambered for 2 1/2; 30” Damascus barrels; twin triggers; no ejectors; with that beautifully slim upper stock and receiver back that comes with hammer guns - It was similar to the General’s E. Reilly as I remembered it; Perhaps I had imprinted on that gun?

He used his H&H; I used my Remington 870 - a pump - something he informed me one didn’t do in polite society (I countered that in Alabama we might have a dog…here he had 5 shikaris and a couple of servers cleaning the birds and making duck-curry sandwiches…different places, different solutions). But whatever It felt like a rapier, while everything else now seemed like battle-axes.

Reilly exported a lot of guns to the sub-continent.

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