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Whales were believed to be helpers of man lost at sea as long as they had the power to communicate with them.

Their ancestor, Paikea, had power to communicate with the whales and there was a close connection between man and whales. Men honoured Tangaroa, god of the sea, and performed rituals to honour the fishing grounds.

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Later, Kahu also communicates with the bull whale, coaxing him to return to sea. Overfishing was frowned upon and fishing grounds were clearly demarcated.

When Rawiri takes Kahu to the movies, she sees a dying whale and cries inconsolably. As she runs towards him, he sees three silver shapes leaping into the dawn.

The giant whale with a sacred sign arrives, filling the land with song.

The man flings spears towards the land and he is the gift they had been waiting for.

The bull whale remembers his golden master who had protected him after the death of his mother.

The Maori people initially believed that men had the power to communicate with whales.

On the way back, Rawiri spots orca and Kahu makes mewling sounds in her throat as if she was warning them. When the whales beach themselves, efforts to save them fail and by evening, 200 whales die.

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