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The game will end when you have successfully reach the highest level of romance with one or more of the girls, or if you reach 100 days which means you FAILED.

Hints: You have to go to school, taking fighting lessons, and more to be able to reach new levels of romances between you and the girls ;) You can learn cheats and secrets hidden throughout the game!

You have to hit just the right note of suggestive confidence.

It is billed as "the world's most realistic seduction simulator."According to the game's description, players are put into everyday scenarios, including the office, and are allowed to "do practically whatever you want, to see how it plays out with beautiful women."As players try to snag potential love interests, La Ruina's character provides feedback, "delving into the psychology and the hundreds of hidden secrets that separate seduction masters from everybody else.""Here's the bottom line: if you make the right choices in the game, you'll make the right choices in your life," its creator promise.

The game has received polarized reviews after it was made available on desktop computers via Valve's Steam platform.

Levelling these up increases the effectiveness of various gems during the puzzle sessions. Every time you go on a date you have to complete a puzzle, while your scantily clad date says titillating things at the top of the screen. You’re presented with a hex grid covered in tiles of different colors.

Each color has its own points value, and you get boosters for clearing more than a certain number.

Let’s not beat around the bush: Passion Puzzle is not your average puzzle game. Children will obviously have to steer clear, and feminists will probably struggle to look past the whole seduction side of the game, which reflects a certain type of male perspective on what women want and how they behave.

While most of them have themes relating to sweets, or gems, or farming, or magic spells, this one is all about cultivating a network of women to flirt with and get into bed. But in raw gameplay terms, Passion Puzzle is a surprisingly innovative and involved take on the genre. The overall goal in Passion Puzzle is to seduce as many women as you can.

For example, at one point Emilia asks whether you like her new hairstyle.

The “correct” response is to ask her whether she’s talking about the hair on her head or the hair on another part of her body. Elsewhere you’ll be upbraided for being too boring, or needy, or forward.

The talking involves choosing from three conversational options – the better your choice, the more money you make out of the exchange.

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