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I enjoyed the opportunity to work overtime and come in on you days off.i loved working there because of the hours and you are on your own.

Was very laid back not as stressfull as other places.

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The various sections of the newspaper include news, sports, entertainment, business, lifestyles, opinions, weather updates and classifieds.

The newspaper s business section offers information on stock exchanges, industry trends, reports and research articles.

The site provides an online search tool for new and pre-owned automobiles, employment opportunities, auctions, real estates and mortgage options.

Peoria Journal Star has a daily circulation of more than 70,000 copies throughout Peoria, Ill.

People were also nice that worked there just struggled because papers were not ever on time and you were on a time limit to deliever.-fast paced-stressful if you are running late during job-no room for walking-always need to be running -knowing the houses and streets-knowing where to toss or shove the mail -greeting customers even if your late getting their mail to themthis job was low paying and you worked 7 days a week. the employer and employee relationship is one way, the bosses way and refuses to listen or care what the employees concerns The national and local advertising would be the financial aspect that provides the funds to print the news.

My job was not hard and the seven artists I worked for were very easy to work for. Then you check your report to see if there is new stops,starts,or holds.

Application information is provided on a recorded message. We publish a public notice in the East Peoria Times-Courier and in the Peoria Journal Star one week prior to the application date.

Applications for the Leisure Acres Phase I Project Based Voucher program are accepted on the second Wednesday of each month from 10 a.m.

Elderly and/or disabled persons unable to physically come into the office to make an application may have someone pick the application up for them during the designated application time, or they may request an application be mailed to them.

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