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I cannot do this anymore," he said in an interview with as the show was ending. In 2015, he made a brief return to TV in NBC's , a mini-series that premiered and faded away about as fast as the red marks left on skin after a slap. He believes he's entitled to her simply because he believe he's the .

"Not to discredit whatever success I have, but right now being famous, being successful, whatever, it exists in this giant gray area."He went on to admit, "I think there was a phase where I was really upset. '"Badgley did a take a break from acting, but not from the headlines, thanks to his two-year relationship with Zoë Kravitz and attending Occupy Wall Street protests. In 2017, Badgley married Domino Kirke—Jemima Kirke's sister—in a courthouse wedding in Brooklyn. "What you really need is someone to save you," is how he justifies his behavior in a voice-over.

"The psychology of celebrity is such a weird and new thing.

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Nevertheless, he later enrolled at Lewis & Clark College, a private liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon, for two years graduating in 2005.

Penn took baby steps into his career while setting his focus on the big picture all the while.

The MOTHXR frontman was born as Penn Dayton Badgley on November 1, 1986, in Baltimore, Maryland, to Lynne Murphy and Duff Badgley.

His father was a newspaper reporter and a carpenter as well as the 2008 Washington Green Party gubernatorial candidate.

Most trolls aren't handsome white men who viewers can't possibly imagine doing something wrong because then they have to question their attraction or come to terms with the fact that someone "pretty" can be downright ugly."I personally feel it is a bit of a social experiment.

It's a litmus test to see the mental gymnastics that we're still willing to perform on a cultural level, to love an evil white man," Badgley said on stage at the show's panel during the 2018 Summer TCA Press Tour. I'm not nervous, personally, because we shot it already I suppose.

; it's a scene straight out of the premiere of You, Netflix's stalker drama starring Penn Badgley.

Of course, Badgley, 31, is best known for playing Dan Humphrey, the too-hipster-to-define-himself-as-a-hipster outsider, for six seasons on The CW's way back in 2008.

I think it'll certainly add to the conversation and it'll create its own conversation, so I'm looking forward to the response."Well, here's a few we found when we searched the show on Twitter after the premiere on Sunday night: In the premiere episode alone, he hacks into her phone, breaks into her apartment, and (spoiler alert!

) almost kills her on-and-off again d--khead boyfriend. I don't think that love equals this, so I think we have to question, what is love, and if we think this is love, where are we mistaken?

His parents divorced when he was 12 and his childhood years were split between Woodlake, Virginia and Seattle, Washington.

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