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One of the most negative aspects of file sharing and Internet surfing, in general, is that your privacy is never fully protected.

Peerguardian not updating

The final step allows you to configure the update feature for the online database.

Peer Guardian’s interface is simple and easy to work with.

You also have an option of manually configuration settings which comes in handy to aid in customization of the network settings.

It is a simple and effective tool for all users despite the level of experience.

Because Peer Guardian 2 is Open Source, you can rest assured there are no backdoors or spyware included.

Initially set multiple address lists with the possibility of renewal.

The only way hackers have found easier is through sharing of files which contains links which might cause harm to the network connection.

To prevent this, you need a special tool like peer guardian which come in handy to detect and block any unauthorized access.

At the same time, it locks your IP address from visibility among other users.

It comes with an update function which ensures that at any time, all your data is safe from unauthorized access.

It allows you to view the allowed/blocked IPs and provides quick access to the IP list manager.

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