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So rather than raise the price of the guitars to get the more highly figured materials they switched to flame maple.This is how the story has been told to me by several people at Peavey.

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As everyone likely knows EVH had been with Music Man (Ernie Ball) from 1990 through most of 1995.

During that time they produced approximately 6000 Music Man EVH guitars, or 1,200 per year. Most of the tops on the MM guitar were (are) exceptional.

For anyone looking to date a Peavey, there is a forum at and Peavey has one employee there that will get you a date for any Peavey serial number, sfaik. Crash Pad Pad Band Gear List/Pics: a review: This is a great resource. I have been trying to find out the manufacture date of my Les Paul since the day I got it a few months ago.

The guy I bought it from was a middle-man who bought it from the original owner and couldn't give me any background info on it.

Hey fellow guitarists— I recently bought a Peavey Classic 30 from my local guitar shop, and I played with the amp and absolutely loved it.

MIA, but they didn't know the year of it, and I've been trying to figure it out.

found this site which can give you some production info on you guitar. Your guitar was made at the Fuji-gen Plant, Japan 2003 Production Number: 01606 I thought this was pretty cool! *Pot Code Reader* Epiphone Fender Gibson Ibanez Yamaha Cheers!

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They had roughly 8,000 orders in year one for the Wolfgang and didn't begin to fill them all.

The rumor was that Ed was very unhappy with the overall quality of the tops, and rightfully so if he was judging them against his Music Man.

The "stop tail" or fixed bridge model was not introduced until the 2nd year and never came in a quilt top. EVH played a Sunburst original year quilt throughout the VH3 tour and the 2004 tour.

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