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The Board was made part of the Department of Institutions in 1971. Barrett, Pat Barrett, Joe Barrios, William Barron, Charles Barrows, Clifford Barry, Dan Barry, Frank Barry (F. ] Prisoner description cards: Joe Basconi, Avergo Basilio, Harold Basney, Ricardo Basques, Charles Basschew, Edward Bassford, Tom Bastas, Edwin Bastian, Frank Bastian, Frank Bastien, Rueben Bastrom, Kenneth Batcheller, S. Bateman, Ernest Bates, Harvey Bates, James Bates, W. Bates, Charles Bathurst, Wesley Batters, Eugene Battle, H. Bauer, James Bauer, John Bauer, Otto Bauer, Raymond Bauer, Robert Baugh, Albert Baughman (Albert Morhin), Donald Baumann, Herman Bausch, A. Bauser, Elmo Baxter, Sherman Baxter, Steve Baxter, Willie Baxter, Eddie Bayless, Rex Baylass, Charles Bazel Prisoner description cards: George Beach, R. Beach, Samuel Beach, John Beadle, Walter Beakey, H. Beal, Arthur Beale, Henry Beals, Jack Beaman, Alvin Bean, Leo Bean, Benny Bear, Archie Bear Ground, Adam Bearcub, James Beard, Payton Beard, Ronald Beard, William Beard, J. Beardsley, Andrew Jackson Beare, Joe Bearwalker, W. Beasley, Clinton Beattie, Alonzo Beaty, William Beaty, Harry Beauchamp, Willard Beauchamp, Fred Beaudry, Hector Beaudry, Joe Beaudry, Raymond Beaudry, Alex Beauerin, Roland Beuregard, Francis Beaver, Melvin Beavers, Walter Beavers, Wecolm Bebout, Paul Bechant, Frank Bechiniski Prisoner description cards: John Bechtel, Albert Beck, Carl Beck, Henry Beck, Leonard Beck, Thomas Beck, W. Beck, Adolph Becker, Albert Becker, Alfred Becker, Art Becker, August Becker, Gottlieb Becker, H.

This collection is divided into four subgroups: Montana State Prison Records (1881-1974); Board of State Prison Commissioners Records (1890-1962); State Board of Pardons Records (1890-1965); and the United States Penitentiary, Montana Territory Records (1864-1878).

In 1957 an investigation of prison conditions conducted by Kenyon J. Blaine, Leslie Blaine, Roy Blaine, Albert Blair, Claude Blair, Clinton Blair, E. Blair, Eugene Blair, George Blair, Hugh Amos Blair, Joe Blair, Loren Blair, E. Blake, Frank Blake, George Blake, Leo Blake, Walter Blake Prisoner description cards: Charley Blakeley, Fred Blakemore, Wiley Blakeslee, Arthur Blanchard, Elmer Blanchard, F. Blanchard, Lloyd Blanchard, Louis Blanchette, Louis Blanco, Lubin Blanco, Carlos Bland, Hans Blandzum, J. Blankenship, William Blankenship, Clarence Blanks, Anton Blas, Lawrence Blasingame, George Blend, Arthur Blesh, Charles Blevins, Walter Blevins, William Bliss, William Bliss, E.

Scudder reported appalling and potentially explosive conditions at the prison.

The Board would then cause a notice of a hearing concerning the case to be published in a newspaper in the county in which the crime was committed and notify the concerned county attorney, district judge, and sheriff. Berkin, Ed Berkhardt, Mike Bernal, Charles Bernard, Robert Berndt, Roy Berndt, Pete Berness, Fred Bernhard, Ernest Bernier, Ralph Berninger, Harry Bernstein, Harry Berray, Axel Berry, Dan Berry (William Scott), George Berry, Raymond Berry, Phil Bernsanti, John Berscheid, Elmer Bertilson, John Bertrand, Oscar Bertrand, Mike Berzan, Joe Berzel, Theodore Besant, Addison Beshears, H. Beslin, Albert Bess, Elijah Bess, Victor Besser, Ed Bessey, William Bethke, Ira Betz, William Bevan, Ralph Bever, Robert Bevins, Walter Beyer, Martin Beyerlein, Joe Bezman Prisoner description cards: Otto Biastock, Leroy Bickford, Lester Bickford, William Bicknell, Ray Bietz, Arron Big Beaver, Joe Big Beaver, Campbell Big Hail, James Big Lake, Angeline Big Shield, Robert Biggins, Owen Biglen, Rollie Bigley, Chet Bigney, Andrew Bigsmoke, Lloyd Biles, Walter Bilius, Flora-Belle Billedeaux, Warren Billedeaux, J. Billick, Nick Billin, Leslie Billingsley, Rufus Billington, George Billman, Frank Bingaman, Lewis Bingham, Ed Binney, H.

Subsequent to the hearing the Board would file its decision with the secretary of state.

This collection consists of records of the Montana State Prison (1869-1974), the Board of Pardons (1890-1965), the Board of Prison Commissioners (1890-1962), and the United States Penitentiary, Montana Territory, including materials such as prisoner description sheets, prisoner receipt and discharge registers, minutes, etc. Breves, Arthur Trigyer Brevick, Ralph Brevick, Clinton Brewer, Francis Brewer, Thomas James Brewer, Allison R.

Montana Historical Society, Research Center Archives Montana Historical Society Research Center Archives225 North Roberts PO Box 201201Helena MT59620-1201Telephone: 406-444-2681Fax: [email protected] is open for research. Brewington, James Brewster (Half-breed Indian), William Briceno, Albert Bridge, Clarence Bridgeford, Clarence H.

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In 1909 the state hired Conley as warden, a position he held until 1921. Bothwell, Melvin Bottler, Tony Bottles, Jack Bottome, A. Botts, Alfred Botts, William Boucher, Louis Boud, Nathan Bouge, P. Boukind, George Bourbon, William Bounds, Urbain Bourgault, James Boutte, Richard Bova Prisoner description cards: Claude Bovee, Fine Bow, Randolph Bow, Corwin Bowen, Ernest Bowen, Millard Bowen, J. Bower, Max Bower, Ben Bowers, Mobile Bowers (James Ryan), Robert Bowers, John Bowie (James Davidson), John Bowler, William Bowles, Theodore Bowling, Earl Bowman, George Bowman, H. Bowman, James Bowman, Ray Bowman, Raymond Boy, William Boyce, Catherine Boyd, Charles Boyd, David Boyd, Eugene Boyd, Harry Boyd, Hugh Boyd, J.

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