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Brief Summary of the Invention: The summary is used to describe the invention that is being claimed in the set of claims at the end of the patent.

Filing Date: The date on which the patent application was filed.

The filing date may be the priority date of a patent application which assumes is the date of the invention.

The provisional application does not mature into an issued patent and expires within one year of its filing date. followed by XX/XX), as well as international classifications (i.e., Int. References Cited: This field includes earlier patents and patent publications (either U. or Foreign), or other publications disclosing inventions or subject matter similar to the invention of the patent.

Field of Search: The field of the prior art searched by the examiner as classified by the Patent Office in classess and subclasses (i.e., U. These references are considered "prior art." Drawings: The drawings contain illustrations, diagrams, charts and other visual aids that are used to describe the invention.

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Extensions or other delay taken by the applicant can reduce or eliminate the extension.

The patent term may also be reduced by any disclaimer (called a "terminal disclaimer") to the patent term.

Background of the Invention: The background of the invention is provided to describe the general and specific technical areas to which the invention is related.

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