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Otherwise, they end up speaking stupid and illogical things, as what Proverbs 11:2 stresses, “When pride comes, then comes shame.” Does Jesus teach that the Church must not be involved in politics? In fact, Jesus asserted to Pilate: “My kingdom is not part of this world.” (John ) This was Jesus’ response when asked if he is part of any earthly government.This must be also the guiding principle of the Church: The Mother Church must not involve itself in politics, except on moral matters.As a result, Israel did not maintain its loyalty to God for hundreds of years.

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To further strengthen and promote human rights, the Commission on Human Rights will be given additional powers and duties.

“Participation is at the heart of democracy.” Under Federalism, there will be greater participation in the government, as Federalism considers not only the voice of the government (majority) but also of the opposition (minority).

Because of that, the Church has better opportunities to defend human rights.

The Church will also play greater role in its pro-life and pro-family advocacies, by acting as part of the “check and balance” under Parliamentary system (in moral aspects).

Jesus had prioritized his need instead of observing traditions, showing religious leaders the essence of Sabbath.

Tinkering is not enough This verse serves as guide in creating laws.It’s as if they don’t want morality in government in the first place. Two disciples – James and John the sons of Zebedee – knew they are rewarded as followers of Jesus.To serve, not to be served How do we produce righteous leaders? They now wanted positions in heaven, instead of serving and preaching the Gospel.If we change the system, the Spirit of the Lord will be within us, and there will be freedom. Freedom from poverty, hunger, homesickness, and corruption; and freedom to have a happy family, decent jobs and wages, and a good government.These things will only be possible if we change the Constitution.Is Federalism consistent with the Gospel of the Lord? Federalism supports the following Christian values: Accountability needed For a nation like Israel to succeed, it must have a government practicing accountability and good governance, because “each of us shall give account of himself to God.” (Romans ) This is only by installing Parliamentary systems in government. They only wanted a king to rule over them, without parliament as “check and balance” for Israel (1 Samuel 8:4-6). [2] Kings like David and Solomon do not only act as head of state, but also serve as head of government.

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