Free adult video chat rooms in taiwan - Outlook ics calendar not updating

For Office365, there is a very small delay on the sync right now (up to an hour), and that will move to real time very soon.

If your calendar does not update after 24 hours, please get in touch with the Brightpod support team and we will help investigate.

We built the most secure and solid integration possible using the brand new OAuth based integration system Microsoft has recently released.

When you delete an appointment in Office365/Google, we will delete our app's copy.

As you can see from numbers 1 and 3, this is a two-way sync.

When you check the email on your phone, the Webcal URL will be clickable and by clicking on it, the i Phone will automatically ask you to create a subscribed calendar.

Outlook 2010 In Outlook 2010, click the "Home" tab, then click "Open Calendar", choose "From Internet" and add your URL link from Training Peaks.If you want to force the calendar to update, you can try to remove the calendar and re-add it which has worked for some Brightpod customers in the past.Google Calendar, on the other hand, does not have a definitive statement on how often the system will sync the calendar and forums suggest it can take up to 24 hours.Removing a Google Calendar sync and re-adding it will not force an update.Unfortunately, the sync frequency is out of Brightpod’s control.As you or your coach updates your Training Peaks calendar, these changes are reflected in your calendar.

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