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Note: there is a known issue with Outlook not showing correct time for meetings and appointments with upcoming Daylight Saving Time changes.When appointment is open, it should display correct time.Normally you can remove all kinds of calendar items manually with selecting them and pressing the Delete key in Microsoft Outlook.

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In this article, we will introduce two ways to remove canceled meetings from your calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

Remove a canceled meeting when cancellation email arrives Mass remove canceled meetings in Outlook Most of time, the meeting organizer will send a cancellation message to meeting attendees when they cancel the meeting.

the owner of the calendar doesn't want me to see the notes on the meeting), I can't see any appointments at all. When I use Outlook 2013 on Windows with the same account, I can see the calendar entries for that use just fine.

Does anyone have a pointer on how to make Outlook 2016 respect the privacy settings of the shared calendar but still display the appointments as it should?

There can be several reasons for the Sniffer to not process calendar requests.

Since Outlook 2007, "all meeting message processing for a regular mailbox is done by an Exchange assistant called Calendar Assistant which add meetings to your calendar as tentative meetings automatically." What they propose as a fix is to Try this - File, Options - Calendar - Scroll to the bottom and find Resource Scheduling, click the button - Click automatically accept meeting requests. Open Make sure the Default time zone for new events is matching your local time zone.Read the Microsoft Knowledge Base article on How time zone normalization works in Microsoft Outlook​ for more information.Is there a way for me to have meeting invites automatically added to my calendar as tentative, and if, how?What I'm looking for is that any meetings would be added to my calendar view even though no action would be made or implied regarding them.When a new meeting request arrives in your outlook inbox, sniffer marks it in the outlook calendar as tentative appointment, so you will get a reminder for that request even if you forget to accept/reject the meeting request.

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