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She immediately demands her son, Prince to become a “Real Man” by meeting some ladies from an alternative universe or time period.

You are able to choose three difficulty levels which may remove the hints and cheats menu.

Genetic Glow takes place in the futuristic Crystallite era.

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Prince may obtain strange items like a rainbow umbrella or a DDR game cassette.

You’ll also find a map of the castle interior along with secret manuals containing profiles on all the dateable girls.

They journey across the land to gain knowledge and collect rare crystallites along the way.

The castle has five floors from the bottom up which are the Colosseum, Main Hall, Shopping Mall, and the Theater.

Here you are in the stable, your boss is standing in the doorway, he is fast asleep so get clicking in order to kiss and rack up your score.

Watch carefully though as he will awake when you least expect it, he's one crafty character!

In the first game Other Age, you can summon up to 10 guys from anywhere in the world, even another dimension.

There were a total of 31 endings to collect and dates that consisted of simple minigames.

I don’t recommend picking “Hard” on your very first attempt or else you will get a bad ending.

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