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I skoff at their pathetic attempts to show a brief 5 second promo for the show that LOOKS like the show to entice me to stop for the next commercial–I am not fooled. Measure and counter-measure between sponsors and me, Joe-viewer.

It’s even bigger than this when we put it in relation to our desire to control our surroundings–for the first time we as humans could ALL be present at the most important events, the best shows, exactly where we would want to be WITHOUT affecting anyone else’s ability to be there as well.

We could all collectively have the BEST seat in the house.

Cable TV enabled me for the first time to start “flipping” when a commercial came on.

You couldn’t do this with just 3 channels that timed their commercials.

For those of us who have lived with it our entire lives, this is easy to forget.

Imagine though how utterly astounding it was the first time we as humans saw moving images of real, live people broadcast instantly across the country.

Not because they can’t force me to watch their commercials, but because I will HATE them for doing so.

I’ve been engaged in trench warfare for 30 years AGAINST sponsors and their messages. Networks can invent technology that forces my eyes to be open and facing the screen while a commercial plays before I can see the rest of my show (don’t worry–they’re working on it! Sure I’ll watch, but instead of making me feel good about the sponsor and their message it will make me hate both of them.

Within a matter of days, I remember walking over to the TV to flip the channel when the commercials would take too long.

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