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As of May 2019, the technique below does NOT work for We Chat.

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You’ll also need to link your finance accounts (Paypal, We Chat, etc.) to Swapsy.

Once your account is verified, you can enter the marketplace.

There are two ways to trade money: Once you select a swap amount, you’ll be directed to choose whether you are going to send USD through Paypal or Zelle and if you’d like to receive CNY via We Chat or Alipay.

Then, Swapsy will tell you who to send the money to (e.g.

I don’t like Alipay as much because some screen menus and prompts are only in Chinese, making it difficult for me (and a lot of travelers) to use.

However, you should still be able to get through the basics in English. You’ll need to download the app on your phone and then sign up with your mobile phone number (one account per phone number).I don’t know anyone, so can’t test this out personally.If you test it, please leave your experience in the comments as a data point. The exact same strategy can be applied to Alipay and so I’ve kept all the information here for you to use.That alone isn’t really an issue, except for the fact that it’s impossible to set up a We Chat Wallet without a Chinese bank account. The We Chat Wallet is widely used throughout the country and works much the same way Apple Pay or even a Starbucks app does on your phones at home.Even in places that accept cash, mobile payment is a huge convenience because you never need small change for street vendors, are less likely to be ripped off by taxi drivers who “can’t make change”, and you won’t be fumbling around because you’re unfamiliar with which bills and coins you need to pay your bill.As an American, it blows my mind that some Chinese businesses that accept neither credit card nor cash after a long history of counterfeit money.

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