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We know that nothing is more important than the safety of your children and loved ones.

Our simple background check tool allows you to search anyone who may have contact with your children such as neighbors, teachers, family friends, and coaches.

When you conduct a search on Check People.com, you'll gain immediate access to a comprehensive background check report.

Once a person has been convicted of a sexual offense, they are required to be registered in the public data access system, and will show up in your search even after they have completed their sentence.

Doing a background check on those close to your family can give you peace of mind and ensure the safety of your children.

While some of these charges may not be relevant to your particular search, we make sure that no stone is left unturned.

Whether you want to find out more about a new love interest or see what other people can found out about your own past, Check People can provide a comprehensive account of anyone’s criminal history.

Even if they haven't been convicted, you'll learn about all arrests and infractions from anywhere in the country.

We search federal, state, city, and county records to ensure you receive the newest, most accurate data.However, if someone tells you that they live at a certain address, Check People can give you the information to help you determine if they are telling the truth.Some people seem perfectly normal and harmless on their known social media accounts, but they may have other hidden accounts that reveal another person entirely.When you do a background check with us, you are given a breakdown with all of the most relevant metrics and personal information made available to the public.We offer unlimited, instant searches that will save you time and money.Similarly, one state may have no record of a speeding ticket that was filed in a different state, so drawing information from every level of government is extremely important to get a complete criminal profile.

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